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Magnetic Resonance Imaging ("MRI")

This should not be used as an initial radiological assessment for the breast, as it is a  very sensitive investigation (i.e. it may ‘over read” potential breast problems). However, in patients with recurrent breast disease (lumps) after surgery or radiotherapy (DXT), where the breast is filled with fibrosis, in women with strong family histories, women with lobular carcinoma, or those who have had primary chemotherapy MRI may be more reliable than either mammography or ultrasound. It is being used more frequently to assess breast disease today.

The major disadvantage is its expense and that a special breast coil is needed for the machine. MRI is offered at  certain centre’s in this country and is a useful tool to aid the specialist radiologist in assessing the breast.

MRI is the best investigation today to detect a leak from a silicone breast prosthesis that has ruptured.