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The Netcare Breast Care Centre of Excellence at Netcare Milpark Hospital incorporates a breast reconstructive unit with three dedicated breast reconstructive surgeons who are closely involved in our patients’ care and reconstruction management.


Over 95% of our patients undergo an immediate breast reconstruction at the same time as the definitive cancer surgery. However, patients who have had cancer surgery at other healthcare facilities can undergo breast reconstruction at our facility at a later stage.

Potential ways to do breast reconstruction include the following:



Using body tissue from the breast itself, from the area surrounding the breast, or from other  parts of the body such as the back or abdomen.


Using prosthetic devices such as tissue expanders and breast prosthesis. 


Key factors such as the stage and grade of the cancer determine the type of cancer treatment, for example chemotherapy or radiation therapy, that will be recommended to a patient. The specific treatment, in turn, is one of the many factors which influence the type of reconstruction that would be appropriate for individual patients. Each patient is therefore assessed based on their specific situation and offered the reconstruction option that would be most appropriate in their case.


Patients who will be undergoing breast cancer surgery and who have not been offered an appointment with a breast reconstructive surgeon before the surgery to discuss reconstructive options, are welcome to contact our unit on