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The complex breast reconstruction unit, which forms part of the Netcare Breast Care Centre of Excellence at Netcare Milpark Hospital, offers a service to patients with breast reconstruction problems as well as to patients who have concerns about the aesthetic result of their breast reconstruction.

The service is provided by three dedicated breast reconstructive surgeons who specialise in various aspects of breast reconstruction.

Following a review of the patient’s cancer treatment by a breast cancer surgeon, the patient’s breast reconstruction problems and concerns are presented at a multi-disciplinary team meeting. In this forum, three dedicated breast reconstruction surgeons discuss the various reconstructive options, taking into consideration the patient’s specific problems, concerns and objectives. They then agree on the most appropriate reconstructive plan for the patient.


The various reconstructive options are presented to and discussed with the patient at a follow-up consultation in order to decide on a definitive treatment plan. Depending on the specific case more than one of the breast reconstructive surgeons may be involved in the surgery in order to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.


You are welcome to contact our unit at should you be concerned about the quality or aesthetics of your breast reconstruction.