Benign breast cancer
Problems and Solutions
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It is easier to understand breast problems in terms of how they present. Breast problems present in three different ways:


Breast pain


A Breast mass or lump


Nipple discharge


Physiology behind benign breast problems
Benign breast disorders may arise as a result of the cyclical hormonal fluctuations that occur in every woman before menopause or during the menstrual cycle. These disorders are in fact part of a spectrum that extends from a normal state, to overt benign disease. In between the two poles are disorders that should preferably be referred to as aberrations, rather than actual disease.


Most of the conditions that result from the normal cyclical hormonal changes found in every woman, are just aberrations or slight deviations from normal. True disease is not that common in this setting. Symptoms of breast problems such as pain, nipple discharge or a mass should however prompt you to see your doctor


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